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You’re in for some exciting changes.
Are you ready?

Imagine how it’s going to feel renovating your wardrobe after dissolving those extra pounds. Imagine relishing a more active lifestyle. Imagine your friends and family raving about your new look as you swagger with newfound confidence.

Imagine conquering every past failure with weight loss with the unmatched expertise and compassionate support of Las Vegas Bariatric Physicians.

Our clients come to us depressed and discouraged because they identify themselves with their weight. But obesity isn’t who you are; it’s what you have. Utilizing a proven, non-surgical approach to weight loss, we help you sculpt your ideal body to reveal your natural confidence and radiance. Our Principles of Excellence help us design a weight loss program for you that is:

  • Personalized: Weight management programs are created specific to your unique needs and body composition.

  • Comprehensive: Using a broad range of weight loss tools dramatically increases your chances of success.

  • Professional: With over twenty years of combined medical experience and expertise, we stay on the cutting edge of weight loss research.

  • Caring: Our primary concern is to help reveal your natural beauty and regain your confidence.

The thousands of pounds lost to date by our patients proves that our approach works, and our patients love to share their success.

Change is in the air. You know you’re ready. While you’re envisioning your new life without the old weight, call us now to schedule a weight loss consultation at (702) 251-8062. Do it for your family. Do it for your health. Do it for you ~ you’re worth it.

Better Health is just pounds away!

Las Vegas Bariatric Physicians offers lectures on site or at your business, to inspire wellness among colleagues and employees to better health. A variety of lectures are available and can be customized to suit different needs. Please contact us for details.


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